Nemo Nonnenmacher (b. 1988, Duisburg, Germany) is a visual artist based in Athens, working mainly between the UK, Germany and Greece.

He holds an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art in London, as well as a BA in Photography from the University of Applied Sciences, Dortmund. His works are exhibited internationally.

He has been an Artist in Residence at various institutions including CYENS (Nicosia, Cyprus, 2022), Outset Contemporary Art Fund (London, UK, 2018), Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop/Summer Hall (Edinburgh, UK, 2019), and Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop (London, UK, 2018).

He has been a scholarship recipient of the German National Academic Foundation and received work stipends from the Stiftung Kunstfonds, as well as the Ministry of Arts and Sciences North Rhine-Westphalia.

In his practice, he combines photography, material objects, and virtual reality to explore the relationship between body and digital space. Through different collaborations, he realizes projects that critically examine technology in today’s society, while preserving a free space for artistic experimentation and exchange.

Selected Exhibitions

2022 Brave New Humanities, WIP Arts & Technology Festival, Nicosia, CY

2022 καίω (burn), CYENS Thinker Maker Space, Nicosia, CY

2021 The Unfolding Terrace, The Brunswick Centre, London, UK

2021 XENIA: hello stranger, be my guest, A&O Kunsthalle, Leipzig/Dresden, DE

2020 Authentic Spaces, THISISFAKE, Alte Nudelfabrik, Zeitz, DE

2019 Onslaught Undone, Meno Parkas, Kaunas, LIT

2019 The Same Tendency, Summerhall, Edinburgh, SCT

2018 Onslaught Undone, Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, London, UK

2018 Acts of the Plough, Artlicks Weekend, London, UK

2018 Southern Navigators, Arebyte Studios, London, UK

2018 Invasive Behaviour, Cole Projects, London, UK

2018 Radical Residency, Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, London, UK

2018 91-93 Baker Street, Outset Contemporary Art Fund, London, UK 

2017 Show RCA, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2017 Prototypen, Opelvillen Art and Culture Foundation, Rüsselsheim, DE 

2016 Lo Stato delle Cose, Fondazione Fotografia, Modena, IT

2016 Der Greif – A Process 2.0, Krakow Photomonth, Krakow, PL

2015 Emerging Artists, Center for Arts+Creativity, Dortmund, DE

2014 A Process, Neue Galerie Höhmannhaus, Augsburg, DE


2023 Residency at Villa Reinherz, Murnau am Staffelsee, DE

2022 Residency at CYENS Thinker Maker Space, Nicosia, CY

2022 Neustart Kultur Stipend, Stiftung Kunstfonds, DE

2020 Residency with THISISFAKE, Alte Nudelfabrik, Zeitz, DE 

2020/2021 MKW Stipend, Ministry of Culture NRW, DE

2018 Residency at ESW Sculpture Workshop/Summer Hall, Edinburgh, SCT 

2018 Radical Residency I, Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, London, UK

2017&2020 CSR Art Programme, Travers Smith LLP, UK

2017 Studiomakers Prize, Tiffany & Co. x Outset, UK (shortlisted) 

2017 Residency at Outset Contemporary Art Fund, London, UK

2016 European Photography Award (Finalist)

2016 Fabrica, Bennetton Group, IT (Invited)

2012-17 Full Scholarship, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, DE 

2012 Feldstärke 12, PACT Zollverein, Essen, DE


Holly Drewett 

Ben McDonnell

Joshua Philips

Dominic Till

Fabian Lehmann 

Yannick Harter

Stefanos Papadas 

Natalia Jordanova

Christian Luebbert

Stacie McCormick

Daniel Chagnon

Anke von der Heide

Katrina Weissenborn 

Raiko Sanchez 

CYENS Centre of Excellence 

CYENS Thinker Maker Space 

Opelvillen Art and Culture Foundation 

Unit 1 Gallery Workshop 

Nicoletta Fiorucci Art Foundation 


Menos Parkas Galerija

Art Seen Contemporary 

Anise Gallery 


Summer Hall Edinburgh

Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop 

Makerspace Murnau


Cole Projects

Outset Contemporary Art Fund 

Fondazione Fotografia

Dortmund Center for Arts+Creativity 

Der Greif

Stiftung Kunstfonds 

Travers Smith LLP

Pact Zollverein

Folium Publishing 

Outpost Gallery


FLOORR Magazine

Art Reveal

A & O Kunsthalle



Emerging Artists Dortmund


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